Monday, May 29, 2006

Summer of Love

This hot, steamy, summer, let 'Playdoctor' entertain the copious amounts of horny lovers. lol. This was actually done for my schools production class where I wanted to give the cover a vintage quality to it. I don't think I've explained the short I am currently working on, but I'll upload the storyboards next time! Its a cute little story about an Alligator eating his Dentist.

Japanese pop culture is amazing. I was inspired by watching some Youtube videos that featured this cute girl dancing and singing to a very catchy tune! Their voices are so squeaky...if only I knew how to decipher the japanese vernacular D:

She is one bad ass strippa. So, I need to check up on some more Bloggers and I shall soon take heed. I just need to spread my school and internet time evenly to achieve optimal results. Thanks everyone, enjoy your summer of love! Oh and make your summer even sexier by clicking on the links to your right.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Better The Devil You Know

Hi everyone! Here are some more drawings I've done throughout the week. I have a bunch more I need to scan cos they are in my sketchbook; so I'll save those for the next updation.

This is a design for my friend, Chingyi. She needed a character with style and attitude for a wicked short she will be working on. After copious amounts of drawings, this one won her heart.

Here are some more doodles. I really like the girl and her puppy. I might draw her and work on their design more once I am done with school...which will hopefully be at the end of the Summer. Thank you all for your comments, you're all so talented and creative and its a privilage to just be a part of this blogger experience with all of you. Oh, and make sure to check out my 'Sexy Links' section, cos I update it from time to time with really SEXY artists.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Domino Dancing

Here's a page of doodles I did during the weekend! It's good practise. Hey, everyone, check out my 'Sexy Links' section. Its been updated with even more super ace artists. A collection of links has never been this sexier.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Shaking Like a Cool Lemonade

Hello everyone! Here is one of my 'POPGIRL' drawings to be included in my flatwork portfolio. I am going to do a whole bunch of sexy girls with neat clothing and cute faces. Its gonna be real fun and I'll post them all here!

Here's another illo where I played with textures and colour. Inking the piece was probably the hardest part in the completion process. I had to vary the line thickness to create some nice movement and shapes that stayed true to the original doodle. Thank you for all your comments, I'll be updating my links section really soon...I actually need to find more talented artists now that I am making more time to make more frequent posts. So if you have a blogger, let me know, please!
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