Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hole in the Head

This is going to be a rather large update that will archive drawings from the scope of these past several days including drawings of people that looked interesting while I was at Jury Duty, yesterday!

Two rånny drawings, a drawing for the wonderful Kai-Oh, and a girly head. Had to add a gurllll.

Man, everyone is talking about the Wii and what not, I personally don't care about games anymore but I do enjoy drawing Mario and company occasionally. Well, I have to be honest, the only Wii game that I am anxiously awaiting is Smash Bros. Brawl--I can't get enough of those fighting games!

I busted out my ghetto overused brush pens for these. The bad ass version of Mario (with his cap on backwards) and a more stylish Peach, well, at least her dress.

I've been experimenting with getting my digital illustrations to look traditional; playing with different brushes, etc. I have no name for this guy and he's for a personal project I am currently developing. He looks like a Wally? I don't know.

All day long while I waited to get randomly chosen to participate in a court case, I kept drawing everything that piqued my interest. There were too many interesting looking people at once and I wanted to draw a lot of them (especially) in the court room--too bad I couldn't--because there was a lot of really fun looking people in there. A lot of the women's suits looked quite fashionable and so did this lovely decorative tree inside the court house on the 5th floor.

This asian man wasn't articulate to go forth with the case, so after answering several questions, he was excused. He left with a big grin on his face. Silly man.

This rail thin asian girl caught my eye, she looked like a really nice woman. I drew her quickly while she was cajoling with her partners. I drew that lady from the back while I was waiting to randomly be called up, I liked the way she was standing.

This girl had 'MTV Laguna Beach' written all over her face, but I liked her style and her boots really caught my eye. They were some really foldy type of boots that went all the way up to her knees. She had a red orange sweater, white shirt underneath, and blue jeans. She was always on the phone.

This was my first attempt drawing her along with this tall mans profile.

Here she is playing with her hair. She was eventually excused because she was flying to New York this Sunday and the case was to last 5 days. Too bad Judge Johnson scheduled her to return in February. Well, there was a bunch of awesome people that I quickly sketched but didn't quite finish, I remember their faces, body types, and clothes that they were wearing, so hopefully I can do some memory sketches tonight. For those that are interested, these were all drawn in black pen, ball point pen, and I used a brush pen and a prisma marker to colour around some of the drawings. Au revoir, November, until next year. I am now 21.

Friday, November 17, 2006

24 Decembre

When winter comes, I think about winter fashion...from the 60's.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

No Sign of Life's been a little over two months since I've posted on here and well--I had a really good excuse since I woz in the process of finishing school and once I woz done with that, I took a vacation. So a two month hiatus from blogger land isn't a big deal, I hope--but even with that said, I can't thank you guys enough for the comments left on my prior posts and I am going to visit everyone as soon as I can, cos right now I am searching for a job in the animation field. How exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time--an amalgamation of feelings I've never felt before! ha. Well, this new post contains loads of cute, flamboyant, cirkus elephants, those poor creatures. A while back, I did lots of elephant studies at the San Diego Zoo with friends which helped in designing these showy pachyderms.

Which reminds me, I need to visit the zoo again. I love animals!

This elephant is quite depressed.

The long eyelashes makes this elephant a SHOWGIRL elephant.

Big and Beautiful -- Elena is a delicate performer.

The 'El Cirko' elephants always mess up.

What's a cirkus without a bear? This one juggles!

Introducing: Sheepina--the rapping sheep!

I woz utterly upset these past few days cos my russian dwarf hamster Pavel died. He truly woz the nicest little hamster, never bit anyone, always playful, and it woz really great having him as a pet. He loved sunflower seeds and had a little hole in his right ear and this drawing is dedicated to him. Well, that's it for this update. I am going to have to start updating sporadically--I missed blogger land and I can't wait to see what everyone's been up to. Thanks for stopping by and all the best.
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