Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You Can't Mistake My Zoology

Hello everyone! I've been visiting my local zoo and farm as of recently to draw and study our lovable friends of the animal kingdom. I've always loved animals since I was a kid and always managed to be a caretaker of many pets growing up, from dogs, hamsters, freshwatered fish, and pigeons, to parrots, turtles, guinea pigs, and bunnies, my house was literally a zoo of it's own. We'll start off with a corpulent pig I spotted at the zoo, I absolutely loved the way it was sleeping, with it's ears covering it's eyes. I thought that was really cute.

Here is an adorable little piglet, just recently born. While I was drawing them, he would come over to my side to see what was up.

Can llama's be anymore good looking? I think not. lol. I love drawing their long eyelashes.

Some more animals studies, featuring a duck and some sheep.

I went to the zoo with my good friend Chingyi, and I drew her in place of a chimp. lol. She is a wonderful artist and I highly encourage everyone to check out her lovely artwork!

Emu's are incredible, it's insane how they resemble a raptor. I had a lot of fun drawing him and would definitely want him as a pet! More 'Sexy Links' added, thank you everyone for the comments, you're all amazing artists! Now, I'm going to go finish up some hot girl posters and do more animal drawings. Stay ace, everyone!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Zoo Are Not The Father!

I've been drawing a lot of animals as of late because my good and super talented pal Robin encouraged and inspired me (aka blackmailed--lol, jk) to do so! She is ace and you should go check her beautiful work out when you get the chance here: Robinz.

A goofy pachyderm, inspired by a container of body lotion--or atleast the shape.

An eccentric looking giraffe, I wanted to try a new pattern on it's body, so I got a classy floral pattern to make it look pretty.

Cute elephants and giraffes, albino too! I forgot the ears on that giraffe, whoops!

Here are some animal drawings I did at my local farm two years ago, I never got around posting these drawings, but since this is an animal post, might as well include it, right!?

OMG. Sue, one of the artist's I've admired since I was sixteen years old drew Rånny for me! She is the best and you should go take a look at her amazing and cute work, right this instant! Thank you so much, Sue! I've updated my 'Sexy Links' section, so go check out all the amazing talent I've recently discovered! More to come, thanks everyone!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

His Morning Promenade

Here is a drawing of Rånny for my DVD cover I worked on for my demo reel. I am still finishing that up and its been rather stressful times in rannyworld.

I liked her hair for some odd reason.

Heaps of sketches, I even included my dear mum washing the dishes in here. ILU mom.

Even more sketches. Lots of them are cute Japanese girls inspired by the FRUiTS magazines they have out for sale. They have such an awesome sense of fashion--weird, but down right cool.

Some life drawing I did this past Saturday.

After visiting my local pet shop and playing with their puppies, I just had to draw this little fella. That's it for today, there is a helicopter right above my house and I am freaking out--check out the 'Sexy Links' section for it has been updated with lots of amazing blogs! srsly, check them out! Okay, the chopper is gone, I am safe--LOL.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Great Indoors People

I am currently working on a walk cycle with this stylish female character I've been drawing lots. Saturated colours are ace!

Been drawing a lot-o-girls wearing pantyhose up to their adorable little ribs. ha.

A drawing of me referenced to a photo when I went to band camp. lol, jk. Good Times...good times.

You guys, I am seriously going crazy with all the things I have to do before I graduate. This is just a small update cos we're on a new month--I cannot believe it. August, already! I'll update my links soon, too, I've discovered so many amazing blogs. Super cool!
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